What Types of Horse Trailers Are Available?

October 7, 2018

Planning to buy a horse trailer? Confused due to many options available on the market?

Don’t worry, because I have listed the best types of trailers that are focused on horse care. Stick with me because, by the end of this article, you will confidently be able to choose the right trailer for you.

Horse trailer comes in different sizes and functions. You should choose the trailer according to your needs. Choosing the best type of horse trailer can be hard. This is why I have made a list of the type of trailers. You can read about them from below. After you understand about them, you can buy as per your need.

Types Of Horse Trailers


Bumper pulls or tag along is attached to truck through the hitch. Generally, bumper pulls or tag alone can haul up to four horses. The number of horses, for sure, depends on the size of the truck you have and also the size of truck you have.


Goosenecks weighs more than most of the trailers. As they are heavier, they need a bigger truck than normal trucks. They are quite easy to handle. They aren’t easy only for you but also for the horses. The horses feel comfortable in this type of trailer.


Stock trailers have an open box. These open boxes have no partitions. Thus you can tie your horses if you have stock trailers. Most of the horses do not like to travel inside a horse trailer. But in a stock trailer, there is plenty of open space and ventilation for air flow. This can be very useful when you trip for long distance.


As the name; Straight Loads. This type of trailer is perfect to load and move in a straight way, With a straight load type of horse trailer, you can easily move them backward or forward.


Trailers with ramps are best for carrying horse inside and outside. Although most of the horses are comfortable with ramps, some horses will probably hesitate to get inside through the ramp. Simple bending can be done to put the horse heels.

You should understand types of trailer and choose them according to your needs. Not only that but you should also consider and compare features of trailers according to your plan and horse. As you choose trailer for horses and not you, the trailer should be comfortable for the horses. Shining trailer looks awesome but you should not only rely on the exterior. Interior plays a much more important role. If you are planning to buy a horse trailer online, then you should try to talk in dee with the dealer. Doing so, the dealer will know much more about your horses and plans and can give you right trailer. You shall consider getting a trailer from the list above because the list I made is of good types of trailers available in the market.


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