What Are The Different Types of Horse Breeds?

October 20, 2018

A horse breed is a selectively developed group of horses, oftentimes recorded in a breed registry. Want to know the types of Horse Breeds? We have listed out some of the popular and useful breeds of horse with short description below.

Types Of Horse Breed


Draft Breeds

The Clydesdale horse, the Percheron, and other heavy horse breeds are the gentle giants of the horse world. When crossed,  draft can make a perfect horse. They can make perfect horse because they are generally gentle and obey orders when given.


Gaited Breeds

Breeds like Tennesse Walker and Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse are the most common breed of horse for riders. Especially those riders who have a problem or difficulty on knees and backs. Not only persons with difficulty on knees, but people who want bounce-free ride also choose Gaited Breeds.


Grade Horses

Although they are not of any particular breed, they are the eighth most popular horse. This type of horses is mainly used for riding purpose. Although grade horses do not belong to any particular breed, they can do almost everything that other general horse can do. This is why grade horse come as first choice for beginners.


The Morgan Horse

If you are someone who sees horse as a symbol of strength, elegance, and history, then The Morgan Horse is your horse. They are really powerful and elegant. They are an original breed of Vermont. They symbolize Amercian history as they have contributed a lot to American development. Nowadays too, it is perceived as a symbol of history.



Appaloosa is famous all over the world. Especially because they are colorful. They were officially developed by Nex Perce of the “Horse Nations”. They almost went extinct. But they were recovered by few breeders. Those breeders were dedicated to saving Appaloosa because they look very nice and people find them attractive.



Many breeds actually fall under warmbloods. They are a mixture of hot blooded and cold blooded breeds. Warmbloods like Hanovarians, Trakehners, Cleveland Bays, Canadians, Belgian Warmbloods and others are breeds that are common with riders. They are the fifth most popular breed too. They were actually bred for battle as they can run exceptionally. They have larger bones which can help them to run even with loads.



They are famous all over the world. Weather with childrens or adults, ponies are very famous. Some of us even prefer to write ponies as synonyms for horse. They are used mostly for learning horse riding.



They are mostly chosen by beginners. But they aren’t liked much by those who are experienced. They can jump nicely and posses good discipline.



If you are looking for your first horse, Arabian horses mightn’t be good for you. They are much more suited for people with little experience on horses. They are actually the oldest breed registry in the world. If you were to trace origin of breeds of horse, you would eventually reach Arabians as almost all breeds nowadays were derived from Arabian horses.


American Quarter Horse

American Quarter House are probably the best breed of horse. They are ideal for both beginner and professional. They can even perform interesting jumps and alike. While Arabians are the oldest breed in the world, American Quarter House are the largest breed registry in the world. Almost 20% of people who have horse posses American Quarter Horse which is pretty impressive.



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