Cleaning Your Horse Trailer

October 1, 2018

You mightn’t feel good while cleaning a horse trailer but it will make your trailer good for sure. Cleaning won’t only make it look better but will also help to increase lifespan. Increase in lifespan means the decrease in expenditures. So cleaning horse trailer isn’t only necessary for good looks but also for saving money. And cleaning horse trailer isn’t rocket science. You can use things lying around and you can get almost all parts at your local auto parts store. Make sure you disconnect and safely store your horse trailer camera before washing!

Routine Cleaning

You need to clean the trailer after every trip. You mightn’t have time to do clean deeply after every trip but you should manage time to sweep an entire floor. Doing so, manures get removed. You should also clean wet spots. You shall consider keeping a bucket in the trailer so that you can use to store manures after cleaning.

Quick Tip: If you can, you should spray the trailer with a water stream. Doing so, you will remove the horse’s urine. Urine of horse can deteriorate woods and aluminum in high level.

Deep-Down Cleaning

You mightn’t have to do this every time you use a trailer. But you need to do this regularly to ensure that the trailer looks good. But deep cleaning isn’t as easy as routine cleaning. You need to make sure that you clean every bit of dirt. I have written down the method that I have been using for years to ensure that the trailer looks ever good.

I remove everything at first. Everything includes hay bags, tool boxes, extra shavings etc. After removing, I sweep the floor and remove the mats. To kill germs, I apply bleach solution ( 1 part bleach for 10 parts water). I recommend you to give close attention to cracks, they might be filled with debris.

After applying a bleach solution, I leave it for 10 minutes or so. In 10 minutes, the bleach solution will kill over 90% microorganisms. I then clean the floor with a pattern. The pattern can be anything like left-to-right or diagonal etc.

I then hose the trailer and wash it. I also apply a layer of baking soda on the floor before replacing mats. Doing so will neutralize acidic horse urine as baking soda is antacid.


Now that you have finished cleaning the interior. You should clean the exterior so that they shine. You should wax the exterior about once or twice a year. Doing so, the trailer’s lifespan increases. You should also repair any tears in the windows to increase the lifespan of the trailer.

Now that you have cleaned the interior and exterior. You can be sure that your trailer’s lifespan increases. Not only that but a shining trailer will also make you feel good. Cleaning trailer frequently will make you feel that you are doing perfect care for your horses.


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