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What Are The Different Types of Horse Breeds?

October 20, 2018

A horse breed is a selectively developed group of horses, oftentimes recorded in a breed registry. Want to know the types of Horse Breeds? We have listed out some of the popular and useful breeds of horse with short description below.

Types Of Horse Breed


Draft Breeds

The Clydesdale horse, the Percheron, and other heavy horse breeds are the gentle giants of the horse world. When crossed,  draft can make a perfect horse. They can make perfect horse because they are generally gentle and obey orders when given.


Gaited Breeds

Breeds like Tennesse Walker and Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse are the most common breed of horse for riders. Especially those riders who have a problem or difficulty on knees and backs. Not only persons with difficulty on knees, but people who want bounce-free ride also choose Gaited Breeds.


Grade Horses

Although they are not of any particular breed, they are the eighth most popular horse. This type of horses is mainly used for riding purpose. Although grade horses do not belong to any particular breed, they can do almost everything that other general horse can do. This is why grade horse come as first choice for beginners.


The Morgan Horse

If you are someone who sees horse as a symbol of strength, elegance, and history, then The Morgan Horse is your horse. They are really powerful and elegant. They are an original breed of Vermont. They symbolize Amercian history as they have contributed a lot to American development. Nowadays too, it is perceived as a symbol of history.



Appaloosa is famous all over the world. Especially because they are colorful. They were officially developed by Nex Perce of the “Horse Nations”. They almost went extinct. But they were recovered by few breeders. Those breeders were dedicated to saving Appaloosa because they look very nice and people find them attractive.



Many breeds actually fall under warmbloods. They are a mixture of hot blooded and cold blooded breeds. Warmbloods like Hanovarians, Trakehners, Cleveland Bays, Canadians, Belgian Warmbloods and others are breeds that are common with riders. They are the fifth most popular breed too. They were actually bred for battle as they can run exceptionally. They have larger bones which can help them to run even with loads.



They are famous all over the world. Weather with childrens or adults, ponies are very famous. Some of us even prefer to write ponies as synonyms for horse. They are used mostly for learning horse riding.



They are mostly chosen by beginners. But they aren’t liked much by those who are experienced. They can jump nicely and posses good discipline.



If you are looking for your first horse, Arabian horses mightn’t be good for you. They are much more suited for people with little experience on horses. They are actually the oldest breed registry in the world. If you were to trace origin of breeds of horse, you would eventually reach Arabians as almost all breeds nowadays were derived from Arabian horses.


American Quarter Horse

American Quarter House are probably the best breed of horse. They are ideal for both beginner and professional. They can even perform interesting jumps and alike. While Arabians are the oldest breed in the world, American Quarter House are the largest breed registry in the world. Almost 20% of people who have horse posses American Quarter Horse which is pretty impressive.


What Types of Horse Trailers Are Available?

October 7, 2018

Planning to buy a horse trailer? Confused due to many options available on the market?

Don’t worry, because I have listed the best types of trailers that are focused on horse care. Stick with me because, by the end of this article, you will confidently be able to choose the right trailer for you.

Horse trailer comes in different sizes and functions. You should choose the trailer according to your needs. Choosing the best type of horse trailer can be hard. This is why I have made a list of the type of trailers. You can read about them from below. After you understand about them, you can buy as per your need.

Types Of Horse Trailers


Bumper pulls or tag along is attached to truck through the hitch. Generally, bumper pulls or tag alone can haul up to four horses. The number of horses, for sure, depends on the size of the truck you have and also the size of truck you have.


Goosenecks weighs more than most of the trailers. As they are heavier, they need a bigger truck than normal trucks. They are quite easy to handle. They aren’t easy only for you but also for the horses. The horses feel comfortable in this type of trailer.


Stock trailers have an open box. These open boxes have no partitions. Thus you can tie your horses if you have stock trailers. Most of the horses do not like to travel inside a horse trailer. But in a stock trailer, there is plenty of open space and ventilation for air flow. This can be very useful when you trip for long distance.


As the name; Straight Loads. This type of trailer is perfect to load and move in a straight way, With a straight load type of horse trailer, you can easily move them backward or forward.


Trailers with ramps are best for carrying horse inside and outside. Although most of the horses are comfortable with ramps, some horses will probably hesitate to get inside through the ramp. Simple bending can be done to put the horse heels.

You should understand types of trailer and choose them according to your needs. Not only that but you should also consider and compare features of trailers according to your plan and horse. As you choose trailer for horses and not you, the trailer should be comfortable for the horses. Shining trailer looks awesome but you should not only rely on the exterior. Interior plays a much more important role. If you are planning to buy a horse trailer online, then you should try to talk in dee with the dealer. Doing so, the dealer will know much more about your horses and plans and can give you right trailer. You shall consider getting a trailer from the list above because the list I made is of good types of trailers available in the market.

Should You Use a Horse Trailer Camera?

October 1, 2018

You might have experienced stress during a trip with your horses. You need to look what the horses are doing every time you need to brake. You need to look for horses every time you hear some sounds like “BANG”. You need to step out of vehicle and look what the horses are doing periodically. But this is really impractical. Stepping out of the vehicle and looking at what the horses are up to in small interval of can be time-consuming. But this is compulsion…unless you have a monitoring system.

There are many things that can catch your horses off-guard while travelling. Even if your horses are very calm. Bad thing is that most of these result in serious injury. Good thing is that you can prevent these accidents just by adding a simple monitoring system  (camera).

You might want to look at the horses periodically. But without a monitoring system (camera), you can’t look at them without stopping the vehicle. As I told before, stopping the vehicle just to look at the horses many times in a short journey is very impractical. A monitoring system saves your time and at the same time, make your work easier.

A monitoring system (camera) can be extremely helpful in such a case. It will make your trip easier as you won’t need to step out and look in a small interval. You can know about their state right from your cabin. Simplest and less expensive monitoring system (camera) is of course: A camera. You will be able to look exactly what the horses are up to from your cabin. This can be extremely useful for people like you and me.

Since the camera can work as a great monitoring system (camera), it’s definitely necessary for your horse trailer. Not only having cameras will save your time but it can also save your horses from accidents. You can look your horses in the screen through the camera before applying the brake. You can also look them time to time easily and be sure that everything is going well. This will ensure that the horses won’t get into any problem during the trip. You should have cameras setup if you love your horses and care about them.

But you also need to be cautious. You shouldn’t keep looking at the monitor when driving. Looking at the monitor while driving means looking for some disaster. Look in the monitor when you need to apply the brake and when you need to look periodically, make sure you slow down your vehicle slowly i:e with less retardation.

Cleaning Your Horse Trailer

October 1, 2018

You mightn’t feel good while cleaning a horse trailer but it will make your trailer good for sure. Cleaning won’t only make it look better but will also help to increase lifespan. Increase in lifespan means the decrease in expenditures. So cleaning horse trailer isn’t only necessary for good looks but also for saving money. And cleaning horse trailer isn’t rocket science. You can use things lying around and you can get almost all parts at your local auto parts store. Make sure you disconnect and safely store your horse trailer camera before washing!

Routine Cleaning

You need to clean the trailer after every trip. You mightn’t have time to do clean deeply after every trip but you should manage time to sweep an entire floor. Doing so, manures get removed. You should also clean wet spots. You shall consider keeping a bucket in the trailer so that you can use to store manures after cleaning.

Quick Tip: If you can, you should spray the trailer with a water stream. Doing so, you will remove the horse’s urine. Urine of horse can deteriorate woods and aluminum in high level.

Deep-Down Cleaning

You mightn’t have to do this every time you use a trailer. But you need to do this regularly to ensure that the trailer looks good. But deep cleaning isn’t as easy as routine cleaning. You need to make sure that you clean every bit of dirt. I have written down the method that I have been using for years to ensure that the trailer looks ever good.

I remove everything at first. Everything includes hay bags, tool boxes, extra shavings etc. After removing, I sweep the floor and remove the mats. To kill germs, I apply bleach solution ( 1 part bleach for 10 parts water). I recommend you to give close attention to cracks, they might be filled with debris.

After applying a bleach solution, I leave it for 10 minutes or so. In 10 minutes, the bleach solution will kill over 90% microorganisms. I then clean the floor with a pattern. The pattern can be anything like left-to-right or diagonal etc.

I then hose the trailer and wash it. I also apply a layer of baking soda on the floor before replacing mats. Doing so will neutralize acidic horse urine as baking soda is antacid.


Now that you have finished cleaning the interior. You should clean the exterior so that they shine. You should wax the exterior about once or twice a year. Doing so, the trailer’s lifespan increases. You should also repair any tears in the windows to increase the lifespan of the trailer.

Now that you have cleaned the interior and exterior. You can be sure that your trailer’s lifespan increases. Not only that but a shining trailer will also make you feel good. Cleaning trailer frequently will make you feel that you are doing perfect care for your horses.

How To Load A Horse Onto A Trailer

July 26, 2018

Loading your horse onto a trailer can be a distressing experience for both you and the horse, especially if your horse is not used to it.

There’s a few things you can do to make sure that you have a seamless experience when loading your horse onto your trailer or horse box.

It’s important to show your horse that YOU are calm. Horses can sense when their human is worried or anxious. It’s important to portray a calming demeanour and act confident.

Get your trailer ready and prepared. Make sure the trailer door is positioned properly on the ground and there is no gap between the trailer door and the ground.

Then, walk next to your horse and grab it’s reins, calmly walk towards the trailer door and step onto the trailer yourself, with your horse by your side. Go into the trailer with the horse, let it know that there is no danger because you are going in as well.

If you horse knows the “Go Forward” command, this is the perfect time to utilise it.

If you’re having trouble convincing the horse to come into the trailer, you can try tempting them in with some slightly out of reach food. You can try parsnips, carrots, apples. All the goodies that horses love!

When the horse is in the trailer, keep calm and talk to your horse as you navigate towards the back and out of the trailer. Keep talking and slowly close the trailer door.

Keep your eye on your horse, and watch for any problems. It’s recommended that you get a camera for your horse trailer  so you can continue watching the horse while you a travelling. This insures that if your horse was to have an accident or fall over during your trip, you can stop and remedy the situation and not cause further harm.

If you’re still having trouble with your horse, you can try seeing a horse specialist