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How To Load A Horse Onto A Trailer

July 26, 2018

Loading your horse onto a trailer can be a distressing experience for both you and the horse, especially if your horse is not used to it.

There’s a few things you can do to make sure that you have a seamless experience when loading your horse onto your trailer or horse box.

It’s important to show your horse that YOU are calm. Horses can sense when their human is worried or anxious. It’s important to portray a calming demeanour and act confident.

Get your trailer ready and prepared. Make sure the trailer door is positioned properly on the ground and there is no gap between the trailer door and the ground.

Then, walk next to your horse and grab it’s reins, calmly walk towards the trailer door and step onto the trailer yourself, with your horse by your side. Go into the trailer with the horse, let it know that there is no danger because you are going in as well.

If you horse knows the “Go Forward” command, this is the perfect time to utilise it.

If you’re having trouble convincing the horse to come into the trailer, you can try tempting them in with some slightly out of reach food. You can try parsnips, carrots, apples. All the goodies that horses love!

When the horse is in the trailer, keep calm and talk to your horse as you navigate towards the back and out of the trailer. Keep talking and slowly close the trailer door.

Keep your eye on your horse, and watch for any problems. It’s recommended that you get a camera for your horse trailer  so you can continue watching the horse while you a travelling. This insures that if your horse was to have an accident or fall over during your trip, you can stop and remedy the situation and not cause further harm.

If you’re still having trouble with your horse, you can try seeing a horse specialist