Want To Know The Best Camera For Horse Trailers?

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There's a few things to consider when buying a camera for your horse box. 

What To Consider When Buying A Horse Trailer Camera

Wireless or Wired?

Some people prefer the old wired type of camera systems for the reliability and stability, however in the current technological landscape there are stable wireless cameras that can compete with the wired solution and provide the added convenience factor of wireless connectivity.

Affordable Or Quality?

You can go cheap with your horse box camera system but is that the right idea? We at Horse Spy are not so sure. We've reviewed countless horse trailer camera systems and the cheaper options tend to have connectivity issues galore. However, there are some good cheaper options available on the market which we will detail below.

Phone Connectivity?

One of the biggest convenience factors for your horse trailer camera system is going to be connectivity to your smartphone. Android or iPhone either way one of the biggest requested features we've seen are the ability to stream the display to your smartphone.

The Options

There's plenty of options for cameras to use in your horse trailer or horse box, but what are the top 3 options? We at HorseSpy have done the hard work for you and collected our top 3 picks below for you to review

Wireless Horse Trailer Camera by Ifor Williams

This is a fantastic option by a well established and well known brand. This camera can be run on battery power or you can use the supplied trailer lighting adapter to power it from there. 

Trailer Cam 5D

A slightly more expensive option but for good reason. The Trailer Cam 5D screams quality, with interference-free technology you can be sure there's no connectivity issues. A wide angled lens so you can see the whole trailer, night-vision for night time journeys and to top it all off a 3 year warranty, as long as it's registered online.

Trailer Vision Equi-Vue2

This is the budget option, and it is still pretty damn good! One slight hindrance (or feature, depending on how you look at it) is that it requires you to own a smartphone as it streams the video directly to your mobile phone and there is no display unit included.

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What To Look For In A Horse Trailer Camera System

Depending on what you want to achieve, different horse trailer cameras will suit your requirements better. However, there are a few things that we think are very important to look for in most cases. For instance:


Like most things horse related, you have to consider the durability of your camera. It's going to be in the back of the trailer with the horse and it needs to be able to endure bumpy roads knocking it about. It's not just about the camera itself either, the fixing of the camera to the wall of the trailer or horsebox needs to be sturdy and reliable so that the camera doesn't fall off and get trampled on by your horse.

Good Connectivity

What's the point in having a camera for your horse trailer or horsebox if every time you try to check on your horse you're met with a "Connection Lost" message. This is an issue that is very prevalent in the lower end of the horse trailer camera systems. A good system will have the connectivity ability to stream the video to you without any issues or loss of connection, whether it's to your phone or to a dedicated viewing screen.

High Quality Video

This might not be the highest on the list of requirements for a horse trailer camera,  seen as you're not recording for film maker purposes, you just want to check your horse is OK, but nonetheless, it's worth making sure the camera is at last 720p but ideally it would be 1080p or more. This insures you get a good view of the horse and you can see everything that is going on, so you can easily identify any issues that might occur during your journey.

High Quality Research Based Reviews

Here at HorseSpy we meticulously review all the latest and best horse trailer cameras that are suitable for trailers and horse boxes so you don't have to. Don't waste your money on an inferior product and end up having to buy another item all over again. Get it right the first time and read our exclusive buyers guide and reviews!